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Bye-Bye, Twinkies: Hostess Is Closing

In General News on November 16, 2012 at 4:17 pm

But assets will be sold at auction, so some products could survive 

NEWSER) – Sorry, Twinkies fans: Hostess really is shutting its doors. The company threatened to do so yesterday if striking workers did not return by the end of the day.  

Apparently they didn’t, because CNN reports that the Twinkies maker is now asking a federal bankruptcy court for permission to go out of business. That will mean 18,500 employees will lose their jobs, but CNN notes that Ding Dongs and other popular items could still survive under another brand, as Hostess will be selling its assets at auction.  

Box of Twinkies

Box of Twinkies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Slate reminds us that Hostess has gone bankrupt before; that time around, Mexico‘s Bimbo Bakeries tried to nab it. Maybe they’ll try again—although, writes Matthew Yglesias, “the company’s various packaged snack cakes are cultural icons, but also pretty unfashionable in the era of artisanal cupcakes.” Wonder Bread, too, has suffered as customers gravitate toward healthier options like multigrain bread. 

Source: Newser

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